Ahmaud Arbery Killing: Get Justice For Him

Imagine going outside for a run like you would do every day. You start to jog in your neighborhood as you are minding your business. You are only worried about running and maybe the music you are listening to. Then out of nowhere, people decide to shoot you and chase you down the street. You start to wonder, "What did I do to deserve this?". Before you could even think another thought, these people murdered you in cold blood.

When you are a minority, you have to be careful when walking down the streets in America.  When you are an African American male, you automatically become a target for your melanin skin. It is difficult for a black male to be safe in America when they are seen as enemies. 

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Ahmaud Arbery was a 25-year-old black male, who loved his family. He was like any young man, who loved sports and had a soft spot for his mom. He wasn't a disrespectful young man, instead, he always said "thank you" when someone would do something for him. He was a human being and did not deserve to die the way he did.

This young man was jogging on the streets in  Brunswick, Georgia when two white men chased him and gunned him down on the 23rd of February. The two men believed he was a burglar, so they assumed it was justified to kill him, but it wasn't.

Police have identified the two men, who chased Ahmaud, was a 64-year-old man, Gregory McMichael, and his 34-year-old son, Travis McMichael. They also had an accomplice, William Bryan, who was in his car with a gun loaded as he was also chasing Ahmaud. 

On May 7th, Gregory and Travis McMichael were finally arrested for the felony murder and aggravated assault of Ahmaud Arbery. However, William Bryan is also being charged but has not been arrested yet.

Getting justice for Ahmaud has been very difficult as Gregory McMichael is a retired investigator for the local prosecutor in Brunswick. He is close to law enforcement, but the police must keep him accountable for his actions. 

This case even has been passed along to a new prosecutor two times because of their conflict of interest. This case now its with prosecutor Tom Durden in Hinesville, Georgia. He is deciding whether or not he should move forward with charging with men or to accept that they killed Ahmaud out of self-defense.

Tom Durden has announced that he will take this case to be front in front of the Grand Jury to decide if the charges if be brought to these two men.

It is not illegal for a black man to jog in his neighborhood, yet a young man was killed for this exact reason. How can America ensure equality for everyone, when a young man was lynched for jogging. "History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme"(Mark Twain). Every time African Americans move forward or higher in life, they are always pushed back down 2 steps lower than white people.

 You should be disappointed in the justice system because it took people to protest and public outcries to get only an arrest. Why did it have to take 1 million people to sign the petition @RunwithMaud and over 150,000 phone calls to get justice for Ahmaud? The justice system needs to improve because it is unfair for minorities to continue to suffer.

Why did it take 3 months for these two men to get arrested? Why did the police in Georgia ignore this inhumane act? It is sad to even imagine that modern-day lynchings still happen when society is supposed to be more accepting of minorities and changes. If the roles were switched and it was the lynching of a white male, then the whole world would care. A police officer is quicker to make an arrest when a white person is murdered, versus a black person. Race will always be a factor in the way society functions because they do not like to see minorities win.

  Black people have been pushed too far in society. Police believe that they will continue to take this kind of violence. They are incorrect because it comes a point in time where justice needs to be restored. Police brutality needs to end because many innocent people were dying continuously. Someone's child is dying as the only crime they have been convicted of is being black. Melanin should not be a reason someone dies yet it is a reason for some people.

   African Americans have been the most forgiving in this situation. Throughout all the injustices they have encountered, they still manage to forgive. So, when will someone draw the line to say enough is enough or that African Americans deserve better. They will not be constantly brutalized forever as they are tired. They are tired of becoming hashtags and being forgotten after. They are tired of trying to convince the white people that #BlackLivesMatter. They are tired of dying, yet nothing is changing.

Do not let Ahmaud's name die down in history. An arrest is not a conviction, so justice is still needed for him. The three men, who killed Ahmaud, should not be able to walk in the streets free. Actions need to happen and it can start today. 

Join the runs and walks for Ahmaud this week of May 8th to May 18 to help bring awareness to Ahmaud. The movement is called “I #RunWithMaud”. On May 8th, Ahmaud would have been 26th, so let's join and honor him. Also, he was born on Mother’s Day of 1994, so this movement would always help his mother feel loved during this time of need.   

For this movement:

1) Stay socially distant and you can be with family or friends

2) Wear a white t-shirt, because he was wearing this colored shirt on his last run

3) Run if you can

4) Post videos on social media and tag #RunWithMaud or #iRunWithMaud.

5) Sign the super petition and encourage others to do so at RunWithMaud.com.

How do you feel about this injustice? How do you plan to help bring awareness to this crime? Will you tell your friends about this or will you just keep it to yourself? How can we stop this from occurring to someone else?

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