Breonna Taylor: Black Woman Shot By Police

Attention from all over the world turned to the shooting of Breonna Taylor in March. This 26 young black woman, who was an ER Tech and EMT, was shot in her own home in Louisville, Kentucky. She was an aspiring nurse, who had two jobs in a hospital. According to her mom, she loved her family and wanted to pursue her dreams as she strives for success.

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Who was Breonna Taylor?

This young woman was not in the streets as she worked her whole life trying to get rid of the stereotypes that are placed on black people. People often think that all black people will not succeed in school as they have to work twice as harder than other races or that they are destined to be in the streets and sell drugs.

Taylor took the path of greatness and continued to pursue her dreams of becoming a nurse. Instead, another black person's life was cut short because of police brutality. The woman, who tried to beat a stereotype, turned into another hashtag.

She was also an honest, kind, and hard-working woman. Family members were angry because Taylor did not deserve to die that way. She was a woman that was willing to do anything for her own family and for herself.

Why was she shot by a police officer?

Taylor died on March 13 when police arrived at her house as they were investigating for narcotics. They did have a search warrant to enter her apartment, but they did not knock before entering her home as the judge instructed them that they could. The LMPD investigation was focused on two men that were in close proximity to Taylor's apartment.

As the officers came into Taylor and Walker's, her boyfriend, apartment, they believed that someone was breaking in. The officers claimed that they identified themselves, while neighbors said the complete opposite. By Walker believing there were intruders in their home, it caused him to fire his gun in self-defense. Walker accidentally shot one of the officers as he believed it was an intruder.

Police started shooting after they found one of their officers were shot and injured. Taylor was found with eight bullets inside of her, during the gunfire.

These officers went into an innocent woman's house as she was alive, but once they left she was pronounced dead. So, a lawsuit was filed against the Louisville Metro Police Department. The lawsuits state that the officers did not use "sound reasonable judgment" and fired "25 bling shots into multiple homes".

What happened after the police killed Breonna Taylor?

After this incident occurred, the police were opening up an internal investigation into the shooting as it put three police offers on administrative leave. There were some officials, who called Breonna Taylor a suspect. How could she be a suspect when she was unarmed. Walker confessed that he shot one of the officers because he believed that he was an intruder. Officials only believe that she was a suspect, because of the color of her skin. Black people are always a suspect when facts prove that they are innocent in reality.

Walker, a 27-year-old man, was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. Later that month, he was sent free from jail on home incarceration as many officials with authority disagreed with this motion. However, Walker's lawyer states that the police should feel ashamed for arresting a man, whose girlfriend was shot by them. The police put the community at risk as they were serving a search warrant during the middle of the night.

Walker was an example of police misconduct as he was only trying to defend him and his girlfriend. Why should he be arrested for shooting an officer out of self-defense? If Walker was arrested, shouldn't the officers be arrested for the shooting of Breonna Taylor? After all, they abused their power and out eight bullets inside of her. They killed a woman, who did not have any criminal record and was a part of the essential health care workers.

Why are people hearing about this shooting now?

After activist, Shaun King posted her story on social media, it gained national attention. He is always trying to bring awareness to the social injustices that are happening to black people and minorities worldwide.

He demanded that charges were to be filed against the police officers immediately. It was not safe for communities to have murders\walking with a badge on their chest and a gun on their side.

He also created a petition on that supports Taylor's family as more than 130,200 people signed it on Friday afternoon. People from all across the nation want the police officers to be brought to justice as they demand charges against them.

The truth needs some light shed on it, as everyone is tired of these injustices towards their people. Everyone needs to take action and help Taylor's family bring these murderers into custody. No one else deserves to die the way Taylor did.

What can I do to help?

Anyone can help sign the petition, so the goal of 150,000 can be met. Taylor's family needs everyone's help in achieving this goal because her family deserves closure after 2 months of not having her murdered locked behind bars.

You can also share a post about Taylor on any social media platform. Similar to what Shaun Kind did, anyone can share pictures and articles as social media made it easy. Tell anyone about the injustice that was done to her, so everyone can become aware of it. Bring awareness to this social injustice, as change can start with you.

How do you feel about this story? Will you bring awareness to this social injustice? How can you make an impact? Will the change start with you? Do you wish you could have done something to change this outcome? Do you think change could stop all of the injustices that are happening to black people? Will you just read what happened or will you do something about it?

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