George Floyd: Worldwide Protest and Riots

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I am tired of seeing innocent black people die. I am tired of writing about the death of an innocent black person. I am tired of going through life worrying about if my brothers or anyone I love die from the hands of the oppressor. I am tired of witnessing my people dying every day. I am tired of tiptoeing in life because the world does not like to see black people win. I am tired of feeling tired. I am tired of systematic racism and thinking the world will never change. I am just tired.

On May 25, "I can't breathe", is what an innocent 46-year-old black man, who died after being arrested by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The police officer, Derek Chauvin, kneeled on Floyd's neck. This police officer was not arrested right after this incident.

However, when Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem for his protest against police brutality, America thought it was dishonorable. When a white police officer kneels on a black man as he gasps for air, it is justified. These oppressors are constantly trying to silence our voices without trying to hear us.

How Did It Occur?

Mr.Floyd was suspected of using a counterfeit $20 bill as an employee at Cups Food convenience store reported this incident around 8 pm. He used the money to buy himself cigarettes. This act should not have resulted in a violent approach.

The police walked to the car, where Floyd, along with two other individuals, tried to arrest Floyd. However, Floyd struggled and did not voluntarily want to go into the car. However, the police decided to use a violent approach because of the color of the skin. An unarmed black man died at the hands of a police officer over counterfeit money.

After this incident occurred, a couple of days passed until Chauvin was arrested about charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Why did officials wait to arrest the officer? The answer is white privilege, and it allows white people to walk freely while black people pay the ultimate price: death.

Chauvin deserved to get arrested instantly and be charged with first-degree murder. He murdered Floyd in cold blood when he heard him say that he could not breathe multiple times.

After Floyd died, people got outraged and tried to seek justice for him. People wanted to seek justice for all of the innocent black people, who died at the hands of oppressors. They were tired and demanded change.

Riots and Protest Spread Nationwide

Example of people rioting in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd. Photo Credits to Kerem Yucel/Getty Images
          Example of people rioting in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd.
                             Photo Credits to Kerem Yucel/Getty Images

Thousands of protestors gathered together in pursuit to seek justice for Floyd on Saturday. This was the day after officials decided to arrest Chauvin and charge him with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

People started with peaceful protest while saying the names of many black people who died for being innocent, such as Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Abery. This protest was supposed to demand change and justice, but it did not seem like change was happening. There have been many peaceful protests from Trayvon Martin to Eric Gardner, yet nothing seems to get better for minorities.

Anger begins to fuel inside of most people since they do not want to witness any more deaths of innocent black people. They demand equality and hope to end racism in any way they seem fit. So, rioting and looting started to happen from city to city.

In multiple cities, people began to set police cars and multiple stores on fire. They even began to steal materialistic items from big names businesses, such as Target, Apple, etc. Many individuals turned the peaceful protest into a violent demonstration, so the national leaders can see how racism is tearing us apart even more.

Example of people rioting in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd.
Photo Credits to Kerem Yucel/Getty Images

Racism has been in America for many centuries, yet more people are becoming aware of the wrongdoings that are happening to black people. More people are recording the injustices while standing there and being a bystander. Instead, they should be the ones to try to stop what is happening, instead of just standing there.

Black Americans demand respect and racism to end. If they do not get it, then the riots and looting will continue. After all, I do not blame the protestors because they are tired of witnessing their people dying. I may not agree with some individuals turning the protest into an opportunity to steal, but I demand change.

The change will only begin if everyone comes together for a greater good. There can not be a solution if people continue to be divided. White people need to understand that they do have white privilege and they need to speak up. If they have black friends or family, they need to speak about the injustices and try to be apart of the solution. Stop being a bystander and make a difference in the world.

Also, individuals need to educate their families about these issues in the world. It is important to teach someone how not to be racist. After all, someone is not born as a racist, they are taught to be one. Do not be the problem, become the solution. This is the way we can help change the world, without being on the frontline of a movement.

The world needs to change because I do not want to see my city burn down. We all need to be the solution to the problem of racism. We are people and we deserve equality. Do not silence and try to switch up our intentions. We matter, Black Lives Matter.

How do you feel about the riots and protests? Is there any way for the word to change? Do you think the world will change its ways and destroy the idea of racism? Will you be the problem or the solution?

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