Justice For Women in America

For centuries, women in America have not been treated fairly throughout history. They went from being allowed to do domestic jobs to be able to work at an actual factory or company. They had amendments and laws passed, so they could be treated equally to men. Are they really treated fairly?

 1 in 6 women experience sexual violence, but more than four in ten Black women experience physical violence. As a woman in America, they are already at risk of experiencing sexual assault from individuals. Women are seen as weak or inferior, so they are seen as a target. However, if you are black and a woman, you are at a higher risk of being raped. A black woman is rarely protected because she is a woman and the color of her skin. They have many targets on their back, yet these are the people that need justice.

For every black woman who reports rape, at least 15 black women do not report. Black women are less likely to report rape, because of the stereotype that was put on them. Black women are seen as "strong", so they try to keep this facade on, so others won't see them as weak. It is said that there are survivors of assault and they do not feel comfortable with sharing their stories. America makes it hard for women to flourish when they constantly try to bring them down through abuse.

To make it worse, individuals try to justify the reason why women are constantly being harassed or raped. Some people think it is because they were at the wrong place or the wrong time and others believe they asked for it. For example, a drunk woman could be all over a guy, yet the sober guy decides to take her in his bed while she does not know what is going on. Yet, the girl is at fault for the guy raping her. However, one of the main reasons people believe that women are raped is due to how they dress.

There has been controversy on how a woman should or should not dress. Throughout generations, a woman is told that she should cover her shoulders, stomach, and legs, so a man would not be tempted by her body. A woman's body is her temple, yet they can not decide how they want to decorate their temple. Their temple can not be decorated with a crop top or shorts, because it gives a man the idea that she wants to be raped. So, that results in women being taught how to dress in front of a man.

A woman tried to get rid of patriarchy in America, but it still exists in 2020. Men still have control over women, especially with what they can or can not wear. A man tells a woman what is professional or not professional in the workplace as showing a little of her shoulder is showing too much skin. A man also tells a woman how they should dress in relationships since they do not want their girlfriend to wear shirts that reveal their chest or shorts that show their thighs. Girls are even taught at a young age to change their clothes when their older male family members come to their home. They are taught that they can not wear certain clothes when males come to their house. So, patriarchy is pretty much still alive and we are living in it every day.

A woman should be able to dress how she wants because it is her body. She should be able to wear a short, tight dress so she can feel cute or beautiful without a guy trying to reach inside of her dress or sexually assault her. She should also be able to run outside with a bra and tights, without a man coming behind her and touching her body inappropriately. A woman should not be objectified due to her choice of clothing. A man is allowed to walk without a shirt, and society believes that is ideal. However, when a woman decides to show a little skin she is seen as a "hoe" or "slut".

Instead, society needs to stop trying to justify why a woman gets assaulted or raped on the streets. Women should not be taught how to dress in front of a man. A man should be taught how to respect the woman, regardless of how they choose to dress. Men need to learn how to see a woman for who she is and not an object. A woman is not defined by her clothes, yet she is defined by how she carried herself and her personality.

Patriarchy needs to be destroyed, so women can receive true equality. They should not be scared to walk outside the comfort of their home while worrying about if they will be someone's next victim.

Women are caretakers and strong individuals that will get the respect they deserve. Action needs to take place because a lot of women are not getting the justice they deserve. For example, Breonna Taylor was murdered by police officers in her own house on March 13, 2020. Her murderers are still walking freely because people forgot about her name. They are not shouting her name loud enough or helping her get the justice she deserves. This is another young black woman, whose name might get lost with the other young black woman that passed away. We need to say her name.

The way people are loud over a football game or the death of George Floyd is the way individuals need to get justice for women, especially black women. People need to scream and shout until justice gets served. If there is no justice, then there will be no peace.

I do not know what you believe in, but I believe in women. I believe in Black Girls Magic.

How do you feel about the way black women get treated? Do you think you can make a difference? What action needs to be taken to receive justice? What will you do to help the cause? Do you think this is a big problem in America?