Say Bye to Trump, and Welcome Biden as Your New President


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While watching the news coverage over these past days has been very nerve-racking. At the start of the counting of the votes, Trump was in the lead. People thought Trump would win and no one was prepared to accept that truth.

Once states started to count the mail-in ballots, that's where Biden begun to fight back for his number one place in the election. Mostly Democrats preferred to do mail-in votes, which explains why Trump was in the lead initially.

Pennsylvania Was the Key to His Victory

With the help of Pennsylvania, Biden was able to each his 270 votes before Trump. Pennsylvania had a lot of help from Philadelphia because "more than 90% of eligible residents have signed up to cast a ballot." Philadelphia made history because the number of voters has not been this high in 35 years.

Philadelphia was very determined to get rid of Trump because Trump does not respect the black community. When the police shot Walter Wallace Jr., he stated, "They should be able to handle it themselves" while getting ready to sent federal troops if the mayor asked.

The comment explained to many Philadelphians that he supported the claim that "He does not care about us black people." He rather wars to take care, instead of getting justice for a black victim. 

Before Walter Wallace Jr., Trump also commented about how "bad things happen in Philadelphia."He continues to comment on their issues instead of trying to happen. However, Philadelphia was good in them as they celebrated Biden's victory with a celebration.

Trump Was Not Ready For His Defeat

As the President of the United States, Trump was the definition of a sore loser. In a conference, Trump explained how he thought the election was "rigging" him out of votes, without any election.

America is a democracy, where we pick our presidents and the people who lead us. He claimed that Democrats were "trying to steal the election away from him." This statement infuriated many Americans since he was trying to say our way of conducting democracy is incorrect. 

Trump was now only making false accusations; he was a sore loser about his defeat. Trump also said that Pennsylvania committed election fraud also without any evidence. Mayor Kenney, mayor of Philadelphia, had enough of Trump as he commented, "President Trump should put his big-boy pants on." Trump is not ready to accept defeat.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning, "I won this election by a lot." However, the AP announced later on Wednesday that Biden would be the next President of America. Trump was incorrect during the whole election, but he was also an example of how a sore loser and a liar react when they are defeated.

Why is This Election Historical?

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The 2020 Election was historical in so many ways. This election reached many more people than they ever need in the 2016 election. Also, new generations used their voices in this election instead of saying their votes did not count. They were eager to make change in America.

Kamala Harris became the first woman, African American, and Indian American to be Vice President. She is the first in America to see a woman in a high leadership position. She taught the world that women are capable of men to become the Vice President of America. She changed the way women are seen in America's eyes since it always has been dominated by patriarchy.

This Election Should Be A Lesson To Never Give Up

This election is just the beginning of trying to make change in America. The first step was to get Trump out of office, but there is still more work to be done. Black lives even matter, and we still have to receive justice for the lives lost.

Do not stop using your voice as there will be more opportunities for you to use it. Remember to continue to vote. Every election matters, so vote in the small elections since they impact America's more significant elections.
The change will happen soon as "Change Begins With Us."


Thank the Black Community and Philadelphia


After you read this, I hope you say "Thank you" to the black community and Philadelphia. We are the reason why Biden won. We are the reason why there were more voters in Pennsylvania. We made America and continue to try to make it better after our oppressors ruined it. We saved you, and we continue to keep you just like we saved you from Trump.

You may not know what privilege is, but we do. So, it is your turn to thank us for a change. After all, we are the reason why there is a Vice President in office; after all, she is one of us. Remember Obama, he was also one of us and made America better. So when you think of 2020, turn around and thank the black community.

We had many brothers and sisters lose their lives because of the old President that you elected. So, respect their lives by simply saying thank you. We are the heroes in the story, not you.


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