3 Myths About Natural Hair

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Natural hair is becoming very popular in today's society. You can walk down the street, and you will most likely spot someone rocking their natural curls. However, there are many common misconceptions about natural hair that needs to be addressed.

1. "Good hair" Is Defined By The Texture Of One's Hair

Natural hair ranges in different curl patterns: 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A, 3B, 3C, 4A, 4B, and 4C.Type 2 hair is defined as wavy hair. The media praise this type of hair. As you get to type 3 hair, people will consider your hair "good" until it becomes very coily. However, once you get to type 4 hair, people will try to make you think that your hair is "nappy" or "bad." 

 All hair texture is good hair along as it is healthy. All hair textures are beautiful, whether they range from wavy to super coily. The way that the media portrays "natural hair" is inaccurate because they will praise someone's hair that resembles loser curls instead of tight curls. 

The only way to make all hair types beautiful is by not shaming people for their hair for having tight curls. Everyone's hair is different, but they are all beautiful. "Good hair" is when your hair is strong, moisturized, and healthy. 

 Once the concept of "good hair" is separated from hair texture, it will also help eliminate the racial bias people have against individual races, such as black people. In most cases, when you're black, if your hair is type 3, people will say you're too pretty to be black or that you're mixed. This racist statement is why the media has a perception of aligning coily hair to bad hair. Your job is to correct someone when they say you're hair is "nappy" or "bad" instead, your hair is beautiful and will be worn with pride.

2. Natural Hair Is "Unprofessional."

In some workplaces, such as the media industry, they have hair policies that go against natural hair. These hair policies are unfair to black people because they are not allowed to wear their hair. Companies scream and yell for diversity, but they try to limit them from expressing their culture once they get it. If a company wants diversity, they have to be ready to accept their culture. 

Hair should not be a problem for any employer because it is not on their head or representing them. If the hair is an issue to a company, then that company's morals should be reconsidered. A person's talent and work ethic should be why they get hired and keep their job. Their hair should not be a factor in any job hiring or firing.

It is also insane that an Act had to be made to protect black people from hair discrimination in the workplace. The CROWN Act was created to ensure black employees' protection in individual states since some states have not signed this into action. If diversity is an absolute necessity for any company, they should protect their employees instead of an Act being created to do their job.

3. Natural Hair is Hard To Manage

When you are transitioning to natural hair, you will encounter your ups and downs. However, it is all about you learning and trusting the process. Anything you do in life is going to be a challenge, but it gets easier over time. 

Once you get the concept of natural hair, you will soon learn how to love your curls. It is a journey that everyone will struggle with at first, but it teaches people to love themselves more. It teaches you to love the hair on your head.

Natural hair is something that you should take care of and be proud. You must wear it with pride and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You are beautiful, kind, smart, and loved. 

What are your opinions about natural hair? Are you natural or plan to be natural? How was your hair journey? Do you believe change needs to happen around this topic? How can you make change? 










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