Who is Quawan Charles? What Happened?

                              Photo Credits to News Sky

A homicide investigation has been going on about the disappearance of a 15-year-old teenage boy in Lousiana. 

On October 30, 2020, Quawan "Bobby" Charles went missing from his home in Baldwin, Lousiana. According to NBC News, his body was found "in a sugarcane field about 20 miles away in Iberia Parish several days later".

There is no clear evidence about what exactly happened to his body. However, a "preliminary autopsy found that his death had most likely been caused by drowning." The question is, how did he drown or who drowned him? The other question that everyone on social media and the internet asked was if his death was a hate crime or not?

The family also has a question for the police about if his death could have been prevented. The police took a slow response to his kidnapping, and now the family wonders if they are the reason he died. 

If Quwan weren't black, he would receive justice faster than he is right now. It is unfair for his family to suffer every day while waiting to find out what happened to him. The police should do a better job of assessing this situation. Unfortunately, a 15-year-old boy's death is not important to the police. Even Charles' family attorney believes "if he had been of a different color than this will be taken a lot seriously."

Anyone would be concerned about their child, especially about their death. Charles' family deserves to find the truth about his death, so they can find a way to cope with this tragedy. No family deserves to experience this kind of tragedy, especially when the police are not putting their best effort into this case.

Relation to Emmett Till

When the family saw pictures of Quawan, they immediately thought about how similar he looked to Emmett Till's body. In the photo, "a quarter of his mangled face gone, revealing half his teeth in a gruesome, forced grin." 

Quawan's mother decided to release a photo of him because she believes the world needed to see what happened to her son. She needed the world to know how the police could have done more to prevent this tragedy from happening. The picture of Quawan was to prove to the world that he deserves justice, and his death needs to be taken seriously.

Quwan was only a young boy, and he did not deserve to die that way. His family deserves the closure they need to go through this tragedy, and hopefully, they get it. Everyone in the black community is standing behind this family, so are you?

What will you do to help this family get justices? Will you share his story? Will you advocate for him? Spread awareness about the social injustices that were done to him? What would you do if that happened to your son, brother, cousin, etc.? How would you feel?

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