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Professionally speaking...

Because I did not know who I was and whose I was (God’s), I experienced emotionally disturbing situations and involved myself with the wrong people in the absence of myself. I adapted to hurt and even normalized it by justifying the very things that caused me trauma. The desire to feel wanted and needed caused me to accept the responsibilities of others, which then opened the doors to countless unfavorable events that were never my crosses to bear. I became the go to person for everyone and found myself with no one to go to. The pain I endured ultimately formed insecurities that contributed to brokenness and stagnation, that is until I got fed up. 

Okay, enough of the sob shit…

I knew what happiness looked like for me. However, a quick glance of my reality at the time, proved the two weren’t aligned. I realized that if I wanted to experience the things my heart desired, I had to get out of my own way and do the required work. In order to do such, I had to exchange fear for faith, worry for worship and pain for purpose. One of my favorite gospel songs, Let Go by DeWayne Woods said it best...

“As soon as I stopped worrying

 worrying how the story ends 

I let go and I let God

let God have his way, 

That’s when things start happening 

When I stopped looking at back then,

 I let go and I Iet God

Let God have his way.”

I then embarked upon my healing journey and faced the noise of things I tried to silence. Digging deep and peeling back the layers was one of the most difficult things to do BUT it was the most liberating. I understood that old keys wouldn’t unlock new doors and NOW I don’t play about me. I am DaNeisha and don’t forget to capitalize my N! I am standing bold in who I am and in the words of my mother “UNAPOLOGETICALLY AND UNASHAMED”!


 I’m so glad our paths crossed...

Pour yourself a glass of wine, get cozy and let’s get acquainted with one another.

Do you remember ever feeling like there weren’t any words that could describe the pain you felt inside or the thoughts that ran through your mind AND even if you tried to explain it, no one would understand?

For a long time you suppressed your feelings and found temporary happiness in people, things and situations to fill any voids, only to realize once triggered by similar events that those emotions still lie dormant deep down inside?

If reading this evokes images, memories and/or emotions, then it’s no wonder we’re connected…because this was me.

On an even more personal note...


I’m a certified Goal-Success, Happiness, Life Purpose and Professional Life Coach with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Claflin University and a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Webster University. I am the youngest Director for a 500 company and accomplish such within 4 years of employment...damn what a package.

I’ve managed 100s of employees and understand and value that developing people isn’t a “one size fit all” scenario.  I take pride in reversing the thought that getting beyond entry level positions is impossible or that you can’t do such AND pursue your own dreams. Therefore, I create a roadmap for individuals according to their specific professional goals, meet people where they are and help them get where they’re wanting to go financially. Here is where purpose and profits intertwine. 

Because of my background, I am able to offer extensive services beneficial to avert mental, emotional and professional stumbling blocks. Although combined with being a distinctive, creative and visionary leader sweetens the deal, I don’t sugarcoat anything. I understand the importance of authenticity and want nothing more than to embark upon this journey with YOU. As a result, I birthed my pride and joy “Dear Destiny”.

Based out of Dallas, TX, Dear Destiny inspires and administers sound advice needed to help clients navigate through personal and professional barriers, maximize their full potential in order to reach their desired destination and accomplish their most sought goals, while driving results using a modern form of life coaching and accountability.

We specialize in helping people use their life story to discover their purpose and fulfill their destiny, by optimizing and monetizing  their obstacles.


Out of 17,633+ operable US life coaches...

Why DaNeisha?

For me, there’s a huge difference between what you can do and what you’re called to do. My purpose is found in fulfilling the assignment that God has placed on my life and I strongly believe the reward of my obedience will overflow unto the lives of those in connection to me, in the form of healing and abundance.


Everything that occurred in my life was intentional and led to this life changing encounter with you. I care about your future and all that it entails. It’s not about accolades but alignment! Allow me to show you how to activate the power you possess to live the life of your dreams!

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