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My Destination Requires Transformation


Have you reached a point in your life where you’re in need of a mental, emotional, financial and/or spiritual transition? 


You’ve traveled many roads, only to find yourself back where you started and no longer do you want to be deprived of your happiness, peace, purpose or prosperity? 

If this sounds oh so familiar, then we have more to discuss. Our coaching packages provide you the guidance, resources, services, support and tools you need to live the life you hope and pray for.

Dear Destiny was birthed through a test of trials and tribulations and I know exactly how it feels to yearn for freedom and fulfillment, especially when it seems beyond reach. And, the absence of such leaves this unexplainable emptiness.


You want to shift gears to be a better version of yourself, explore a wealth of opportunities AND drive your dreams, you just need a rider… someone who knows where you're headed, how to get there and how to help.


The frustrations of not having anyone who understands your journey stops here, because I do. Through healing I learned that pain isn’t punishment and being delayed doesn’t mean being denied, it’s all preparation for your purpose. This has created a hunger within me to connect with, service and care for you and your wellbeing. And, to do such with the patience, wisdom and understanding needed when approaching a new phase in life. You can rest assured knowing... 



Our Coaching Package is fit for you if...

Key Indicators

You need the key indicators of purpose and prosperity to start your journey.

Key copy.png

Jump Start

You need a jump start that will give you the power you need to pursue your personal and/or professional goals.

Battery copy.png


You need to be refueled when you run low emotionally, mentally, physically and/or spiritually.

Gas copy.png


You want to take control of your life and learn how to weather the storm.

Car copy.png



Time waits for no one! Don’t allow procrastion to disrupt your destination. I will continuously hold you accountable for your goals in a supportive manner, help you eliminate limiting beliefs and remind you of your why.


Spend less money to gain more insight. The hourly rates for our Coaching Packages is less than individually purchased services. The more time you commit, the closer you are to where you want to be and the greater the impact on your life without the extra expense.


Your life. Your goals. Your timeline. 

Our services are created with you in mind and are tailored specially to meet your needs.




Monthly Manifestations 

Each month has a specific focus, with a profound proclamation you can recite, download, print and share to stay inspired!

Bi-weekly Consultations

In response to COVID-19, consultations will be held over the phone and/or via Zoom. Once things return to normalcy, we will resume with offering in person meetings.  

Exercises, Resources, Tools & Training

Readily available and accessible downloads created to stimulate your mind and aid personal development.

A Supportive Community 

Join our private Facebook community to connect with like-minded people, find support and get motivated to succeed.

but wait, there's more...

Receive email follow-ups during off weeks.

Let’s stay connected! Even during the weeks you and I are not scheduled to have a session, I will check-in with you to monitor your progress and ensure you’re staying on track.

Exclusive Discounts

Save on selected courses and products and get special extras throughout the year.

Monthly Podcast

The definition of “real talk”. Heartfelt convo intended to push you beyond your comfort zone and into your purpose. 

My Fave Inspo 

I’ll share content that personally inspires me, with you.

So, how does all of this work exactly?

01. Join my Mailing List

02. Book a FREE Coaching Consultation to ensure you and I are a great fit

03. Once we decide we are, we will discuss recommended coaching topics and timeframes.

04. To maximize the effectiveness of our coaching packages, only one topic is available per package. 

05. You will then select which option best suits the needs of your desired outcome.

06. Session schedule and length of time (1 hour) is strictly adhered to and any missed appointments    

       will result in an additional 1-to-1 fee to complete the program. 

07. Choose to pay in full or in increments, however all services must be paid prior to.

08. We will assess your progress at the end and advise whether additional sessions are needed.


only $397

3 Months

6 Sessions


only $697

6 Months

12 Sessions



only $997

9 Months

18 Sessions



(sessions are based on a bi-weekly schedule)

prefer to pay as you go?

1-to-1 Coaching

One 1-hour session: $97


Group Coaching

(minimum of 10 participants)

One 1-hour session: $47/per person

For Colleges, Universities, Corporations & Other Events,

Visit our Contact page to get in touch!

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